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Pretty Green

Pretty Green: Music and fashion combined
Pretty Green is the fashion brand of musician Liam Gallagher. With his band Oasis, he was always at the heart of the young British music scene, giving him a keen sense of style and trends in streetwear. It's no surprise that he decided to create a fashion brand that would perfectly match the look of young casuals. Since 2009, Pretty Green has been making basic items with a modern twist. Timeless designs are combined with the latest trends, making Pretty Green clothing a must-have in the wardrobe of the average casual.

The look of Pretty Green
Simple, sleek, and streamlined - that's how you can describe the designs of Pretty Green. The designers don't like a lot of fuss and want to create powerful items that stand out for their simplicity. This is great news because it means that all Pretty Green shirts, jackets, and pants have the perfect fit. It's the colors of these designs that will make you stand out. What about a T-shirt with a cool print? Or a polo shirt with a sleek yellow design? At this brand, minimalist designs are effortlessly mixed with striking designs, so you'll always find an item that suits you.

Discover the perfect fit
When you try on Pretty Green items, you'll notice that the fit of this clothing is unparalleled. That's because this brand only works with the best materials. The fabrics drape nicely and retain their color perfectly. Whether you love fitted sweaters or prefer the look of a baggy T-shirt, you'll find plenty of options in the Pretty Green collection. The designers love to play with fits, so every man can find something they like in this casual brand.

Discover Pretty Green at Casual Lads
Casual Lads is the place to order the latest collection of Pretty Green. Check out the polos, T-shirts, and sweaters from this British label and discover the power of the minimalist look. Thanks to this brand, you'll always look stylish and can head straight to the pub in your brand new outfit. So, buy your Pretty Green items at Casual Lads.