Free returns

If the item does not meet your expectations, you can return it to Casual Lads free of charge within 60 days of delivery. You can easily do this via

Simply enter your order number and email address, select one or more items, and then choose the reason for the return. After entering your details, you can choose from various carriers. The available carriers can be found on the web page. You can then create and download your return label, so that you can actually send your return shipment. Your order includes a packing slip. Always include this packing slip with your return shipment. Without this packing slip, we cannot process your return.

Upon receipt, we will inspect the return shipment. The items must be unworn and returned in the original packaging with tags attached.

Once the return shipment has been approved, we will credit the amount to your account within 8 working days.

You will receive a notification once your return shipment has been processed.